Trucks Edit

Name Role Level Cost Capacity Tow
Small flatbed truck Goods transport, bulk transport, towing 1 75,000¢ 4.0 tons Small trailer
Flatbed truck with crane Transport, tow, crane 2 85,000¢ 10.0 tons Small trailer
Lowboy truck Transport, tow 3 100,000¢ 35.0 tons Large trailer

Specialty trucksEdit

Name Role Cost
Deposit tipper Container transport 85,000¢
Small half pipe truck Bulk transport 100,000¢
Half pipe truck Bulk transport 125,000¢
Concrete mixer Concrete transport, concrete pouring 130,000¢
Concrete pump Concrete pouring 200,000¢


Name Size Notg
Small Trailer Small Only fits the small excavator
Lowboy Trailer Large Towed by the Lowboy truck
Trailer Large Hired from the Metal Shop or the Wall Factory


For some jobs, specialty equipment is needed for digging, rolling, pouring concrete, or lifting.
Name Role Level


Roller Compression - 90,000¢
Small excavator Digging, lifting 1 90,000¢
Large excavator Digging, lifting 2 200,000¢
Wheel loader Digging 3 150,000¢